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Simple Ways to Get Motivated

I’m in the process of writing a long post on motivation but I don’t think I’m going to finish it any time soon. It’s pretty complex.

But I know a lot of you guys come to this site to get informed or to find ways to improve yourself. And really it all comes down to motivation. So today that’s what we’re going to talk about.

If you want to make some changes but aren’t motivated, then it’s going to be really hard to become alpha or whatever you want to be. You’re going to face some tough challenges no matter what your goals are and there are two ways to get through it: 1) mental toughness and 2) motivation.

  • Not all of these will work for you.
  • You need to decide for yourself which way “method” you want to use to motivate yourself.

This post isn’t for the simple things like washing dishes, going to sleep or walking the dog. We’re a lifestyle site so this is focused on getting motivated to make some big changes to your life. This includes changing jobs / career, getting in shape, improving your social life, learning new skills…essentially getting motivated to take control of your life.

You have to remember that only you can improve your life, so you need to do whatever it takes to get up and start taking action.

Action = Results.

Without motivation your action is short lived.

Motivation will is going to get you started. And it will keep you going when things get hard. When others quit, you will keep going because you’re motivated and focused. But how do you get to this point where nothing is going to stop you? What is going to light a fire in you and make you do things you currently aren’t doing?

Ways To Motivate Yourself

Be Fed Up With Your Current Situation

One of the best ways to really get motivated is just to get sick of your current life. You need to get to that pointO where you realize sitting on your couch watching tv or playing video games isn’t helping you. Once you get sick of your current situation and recognize that you’re the one in control of what you do you will start doing things different.

Story #1

I remember a friend of mine told him his turning point with being a loser was one day when he was at home playing Madden (video game) and just realized he was never going to get a girlfriend playing his play station. He says he threw his controller on the ground and drove to the mall and just started approaching girls he found attractive. This was the start of his new love life.

It wasn’t all glory for this guy right off the bat. He struggled a lot. He was afraid to talk to women. He didn’t know what to say. And he got rejected a lot. But he knew if he kept trying, success was just around the corner. And he didn’t want to go back to a life of video games and hanging out with his mom on Friday nights. So he stuck with it.

Story #2

Have you ever been sick of your job to the point you think you’re dying every minute you’re there? Maybe some of you guys can relate. I remember when I was in a job updating spreadsheets and taking orders from a manager that had no clue how to manage or empower people nor any idea of how to do her job let alone mine. Literally the worst place ever. It was like The Office but 10 times as worse.

In the beginning I just went with it. I did what was asked and collected my paycheck. But as time went out, I realized this was my life. And I hated my life. It was dead end job and I needed to get the hell out.

When I finally realized how detrimental this job was on my overall health, I did everything I needed to do to get out. That meant staying up late to apply to jobs, spending my weekends networking, spare time writing cover letters.

The I Want More Attitude

I know plenty of people that don’t really have an alpha mentality of wanting more. They are just happy to have anything. A lot of people say “just be happy, your life could be a lot worse.” My reply…Or it could be a lot better!

If you know deep down you could be doing better or you could have more in your life than you do. Then you should want it. You should want it so bad that you go and find ways to make it happen. Don’t let anyone tell you to “just be happy”. It’s your life. If you need more to be happy, then go get more.

Make It a Competition

Sometimes motivation comes in pairs. If you have a friend or someone in a similar situation as you, then you guys can make it a competition of who can do it better or who can get it first. Not only does this help motivate you and you might do more faster, but you’ll also have a support system with a friend.

There’s been plenty of times in my life that I’ll just talk shit with friends and tell them let’s see who can…make x amount of money first, get a new job first, do x number of push-ups, meet more women…the list goes on and on. But when you make it a competition, it becomes a challenge. A fun challenge.

Prove It’s Possible

One of my favorite ways to motivate myself is to prove it’s possible. So many people limit themselves by saying “it’s not possible” or “I can’t…” or “only other people can do that.” What a joke. Rather than think like a loser, I’ll take on the challenge and be the first. I get the I’ll show them attitude.

  • People said they couldn’t start a company. So I started two.
  • Guys said it’s too hard to get in shape. They like to drink and eat fast food. So I did it.
  • Guys said you couldn’t meet random women in the city. So I did it.
  • People said you can’t quit your job until you have another job lined up. So I did it.
  • A beta told me it was too late to learn how to program. So I enrolled in a course at NYU to learn a new programming language I didn’t know.

When everyone else is saying “it’s impossible” you can go out and show them it is possible. Don’t be average like these average losers.

Become Angry About Your Situation

Similar to being fed up with your current situation but more angry. You use the anger as fuel to motivate you. Maybe it’s a bad manager or a lot of rejection. Use it to improve yourself and your life. Don’t just sit there being angry at the world. Put the anger to use to make change.

I don’t really have a good anger turned to motivation story I can share with you. But I can say when I’ve had a rough day (because we all still have them) and I sometimes use that frustration/angry at the gym or when I’m hitting a punch bag (boxing). My workouts in general are pretty good but sometimes these one’s are a little longer and I go a little harder.

Recall Past Rejection and Failures

Losing or being rejected can either bring you down or it can fire you up. I remember when I was younger I would use rejection I faced from girls to work out harder at the gym – it lit a fire under me to improve any insecurities I had. Being rejected sucks. But it’s always been a great motivator for me.

I’ve been rejected a lot. Jobs. Girls. Even my freshman year when I tried out for the varsity team – they told me to be the captain of the JV team. I was never happy with rejection. I never accepted it as my fate. I always kept the feelings I got when I got rejected in the back of my mind and recall them when I need extra motivation to improve my life.

I think rejection happens to anyone that is willing to put themselves out there so don’t think of yourself as a loser or anything of the sort if you get rejected. Use it as an opportunity to recall when you need extra motivation to prove to others they made a mistake when they rejected you.

Do It For the Story

Everything you do becomes a story. Whether it’s a good story or not depends on what you do. Often times people don’t want to do anything because they are afraid of failing or it’s too hard. But rather than come up with some stupid excuse, why don’t you just do it and succeed or not,  you have a story to share. Something to learn from.

Everyone loves a good story. So give the people what they want. Do something you wouldn’t do so you can say “I did it.” and when people ask you how you did it – you can tell them. You’ll have a glorious story and be awesome and other people will be amazed.

Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest thing for most people. It isn’t that people don’t want to do anything, they just don’t have the fire to make it happen.

Or in other instances people start something but lose the motivation after awhile.

  • Things come up
  • People get sick
  • People get tired
  • People don’t have the mental toughness

So they just stop.

This is where motivation is key. If you can find ways to keep yourself motivated you will continue to do whatever you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Don’t let anything stop you. But if you need some ways to get motivated, then use the above strategies. They’ve worked for me and they will work for you.

Be Alpha.

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