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Stay Up With Your Alpha Game

What’s hot today, may be cold tomorrow. The same can be said with being Alpha.

You might be Alpha today, and beta tomorrow. It happens all the time. And vice versa. Beta today, Alpha tomorrow.

This is a call to action to all you alphas and aspiring alphas to always remember that being alpha doesn’t mean you’re invincible. I’m going to use some analogies to help make this clear.

CDs and DVDs

In NYC you see some stupid stuff. No dumber are the current street hustlers that are still selling CDs and DVDs.

These CD and DVD hustlers probably made good money back in the day when CDs and DVDs were all the rave. But they are still looking to rekindle that flame and make money selling ripped music and movies. Sadly it’s not going to happen. They haven’t kept up with the times and still think what worked before is going to work in the future.

Fashion Changes

One of the sad things I often see are people that don’t keep up with their fashion. How you dress is important and a big part of your alpha game (perception is everything).

What was once cool is not always cool. Simple examples include distressed jeans (not cool any more). Or popping your collar (never was really cool).

In the business world, even things like suits change styles. The number of buttons on a coat, the cut(s) in the back of the jacket or the front of your pants. All these are in style and then styles change. Unfortunately, people don’t always change with the trends.

Believing You’ve Made It

So many people have a goal in mind and once they achieve that goal they believe “they made it” and they can just relax. Sadly, that’s not how the world works. Even if you are the king of the mountain (or in this case, alpha), there is always someone else around the corner trying to knock you down.

You gotta stay sharp and on your game. This could include learning new things, refining your techniques, or just staying on your toes. Sitting back and relaxing just results in complacency and someone else will replace you at the top before you know it.

We can use examples of technology to show how this happens: Yahoo -> Google and Facebook -> Snapchat

Once you’ve made it, you gotta make sure you stay there.

Stay Ahead of the Alpha Game

This is a really simple and concise article on staying alpha. The idea behind this post is that trends and things change. Even if you are alpha today, it could all go away tomorrow if you start dressing like a loser that is out of date or you no longer know what is “in”.

It’s like being the old guy saying “Back when I was a kid…”

That’s not alpha.

Alpha is about staying relevant and knowing what’s going on in the world.

How To Stay Up On Your Game

  • Keep up with the news – know what’s going on
  • Keep up with trends – easiest way is honestly to follow popular culture to see whats hip
  • Know what’s going on in your industry (profession) or even other sectors – otherwise an up and comer that is eager to learn will replace you
  • Be willing to change – too many people get comfortable, even when alpha, that they believe what works today will work tomorrow.
  • Make investments when necessary – buy new clothes when its time to make a wardrobe change
  • Don’t write off things that you think are fads – it’s like saying Facebook is still cool and all other social media are fads. Don’t be a loser.
  • Know when things are no longer working – it’s one thing to know when things are working,  it’s another to know when to stop doing things that aren’t.

Always Be Alpha. Or Try. Because why not?

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