Be Bold. Take Control of Your Life. 

Looking to make a change in your life? Looking to become a leader? Be more dominant? The Book of Alpha is what you need.

This ultimate guide contains everything you need to know to make the changes in your life to be Alpha. We include the obvious and not so obvious details of what it really takes. 

This book is written based on actual real world experience. No fluff. No B.S. Just the cold hard truth. 

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The Book of Alpha was written for guys that want to take back control of their life.
It contains everything you need to become the man you always wanted to be.  

“I read this book multiple times. It's straight forward and do the point. There's a lot of gold in here that I never thought about before. Thank you.”

Allen S. - Recovering Beta Male

A Book For All Skill Levels

Whether you're lost and have no idea where to begin or someone that just wants to get a better understanding about being alpha - this guide can help you. The Book of Alpha was written to educate and help transform lives. Will you be the next to take control?

A Book Based On Real World Experience

This book was written based off of experience. This is not a research based book that will feed you mainstream ideas of what is and is not alpha. To Be Alpha is written from the point of view of someone that was beta and built himself up to alpha. It is based on observations of other leaders and men that have paved the way for others. The ideas and options in this book are not made up on a whim. The information in this book is provided based on life experiences that men facing the same challenges will be able to relate to.

A Word From The Author

“The goal of To Be Alpha has and always will be to help men (and women) take control of their lives. I'm encouaged to know I have helped thousands of individuals throughout the past few years. I was once like you. Lost, confused, and alone. Through my own successes and failures to becoming the man I am today, I am able to share my knowledge with you. This book is by far the most comprehensive guide available.”