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I recently started using youtube for To Be Alpha to help get the message out about body language and other aspects about being an “alpha male.”

I still think there are so many misconceptions about the idea of what is and what isn’t alpha that it will take forever to cover. But hopefully we can do that one day.

I really just want to help you guys and girls that want to gain more confidence, look more attractive, and get the respect you deserve through body language and all things alpha.

So back to my point really quick. Youtube is a great resource. But you get a lot of individuals that are really scammy. For the most part you can tell who the scammers are. But sometimes you can’t.

I recently started watching a few videos from someone that calls her self a body language expert or behavioral investigator or some shit. What does that even mean? It’s definitely some made up title to make a person sound more legit. Maybe I should start telling people I have a self-certified phd in body language?

All I know is, a lot of people like to rehash advice as their own. They like to quote a bunch of studies or other people’s advice and throw out statistics to sound like they are an authority. Like I’ve said time and time again, you gotta be careful who you take advice from.

Here’s what I know.

None of the people talking about body language seem to have actually worked with any high powered individuals. I’ve very closely and interacted many of the executives at Goldman Sachs (when I was working there) and business leaders (partners) of the same firm. I’ve worked with other fortune 100 CEOs and executives and even knew two individuals that are worth in excess of $2 billion in net worth. I’ve hung out with some ultra confident guys that just had so much confidence and strong body language that girls found them super attractive.

I know what good and bad body language is all about.

I helped the biggest loser in school (no joke) become class president. How? By changing his behaviors and body language. It took time and a lot of effort but it’s possible to turn any broke joke into a hero. Well maybe not. But you know, everyone can improve their body language IF they get the right type of advice.

The problem with all the body language advice out there today is it’s really geared toward getting girls or getting a job or something really silly. Body language is not about a specific event or situation. Body language is bigger than that.

I’m not going to ramble out some random statistics or tell you to do a bunch of “power moves” to be more confident. I’m not going to tell you how to tell if someone is a liar because of their body language when you still need to fix your own. All of these internet gurus are just in it for the money. And that’s such a shame.

Here’s the deal.

I recently talked about fundamental body language recently in a youtube video and I’m going to again highlight what these are here.

Very simply what you need to focus on for good dominant “alpha” body language is the following:

  1. Eye contact
  2. Facial expressions
  3. Your smile
  4. How you tilt your head
  5. Your posture (shoulders, chest, back)
  6. Your legs and how you stand
  7. Where your hand are positioned

That’s really it. There are a lot of other body language techniques and advice but if you can really get those 7 things down then you’re honestly going to have better body language than 95% of the people that you encounter.

Now, I’m not saying that getting good body language is easy. It’s not. And the reason that good alpha male body language is difficult to obtain is because so many of us have grown up with bad “beta” male body language that we naturally find alpha male body language uncomfortable and outside our comfort zone.

Alpha body language is something that you must practice daily until you can just stop thinking about it and it just becomes a part of you.

We’re putting a series of tutorials together and awesome little something that is going to knock the socks off any body language “expert” out there soon enough.

Remember, only trust people that know and have experience when you get any type of help. And always remember the core fundamentals of body language so you are aware of what you need to focus on as you develop dominant alpha body language for the rest of your life.

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