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Six Things Alpha Males DO NOT Do

Quick post here to just tell you there are some things you shouldn’t do if you think you are alpha.

Not only have I gone through my own journey from beta to alpha but I work in an industry where lots of guys think they are alpha when they really aren’t. Also, I’m very aware of what is and what isn’t alpha. So I want to pass this information along to you.

There will come a time in your life when you will believe you have made it. That you are alpha. And you very well may be. But don’t ever forget where you came from.

Don’t Do The Following


Don’t be¬†disrespectful just because – have you read my post on how to be an asshole? I wrote this somewhat as a joke but on the whole you probably shouldn’t be disrespectful. Being mean or direct or honest or stern are very different than being disrespectful.


Don’t keep checking your blackberry or iPhone or samsung galaxy or any other phone while you are with people. Who do you think you are? Are you that important you can’t even pay attention to the person that you are with? You might think you can multi-task and check your email and text while someone is talking to you but think about the other person. How do they feel seeing you looking at your phone while they are trying to share a story with you?


Don’t ditch your friends or family for someone that might not be there tomorrow. Like I said near the top, never forget where you came from. Yes you might have to eliminate the betas from your life, but there are people in your life that will be there for you through thick and thin. You won’t come across a lot of these individuals no matter how alpha you are. So make sure you make them know they are important.


Ignore people when they ask for help or want some advice. People rarely forget when they needed help and you didn’t offer it to them. They may not act like they care, but they do. There is a big difference between just acknowledging someone and saying “Sorry I can’t” and just silence. One is a lot ruder than the other.


Don’t lie. What’s the point? To boost your ego? To make you feel good? Eventually you’ll get caught and look like a fool. So many people in this world try to lie to make themselves look better or cover their asses instead of just manning up. If you are lacking a something in your life, don’t lie and say you have it. Go get it. If you mess up, just be honest. In the end, lying hurts more than it helps. As cliche as that sounds – it’s usually true.


Don’t talk shit. So many fake alphas talk shit on everything. They think they are tough and badass for talking shit but it just makes you look weak and insecure. If you talk enough shit people just get sick of it and they get sick of you. Rather than complain about something, find a solution to make it better.

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