Take Control of Your Life

One of the biggest reasons people don’t do things is because they don’t feel prepared. They want to make sure everything is in place for them to succeed.

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it. And I’ve seen it all too often. We didn’t do something because we didn’t think we were ready.

Today’s tip is to not chase perfection. 

Even the best in the world aren’t perfect.

Everyone misses shots, everyone makes mistakes, everyone messes up.  Well not everyone. Only the people that try.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as being perfect. So stop chasing it. Be okay with not being perfect. Just be as good as you can be. And if you’re starting something new, know that accept that you will mess up and be okay with it.

  • Don’t put off doing something because you don’t feel like you know everything. You never will know everything.
  • Don’t put something off because you don’t feel ready. You’ll never be 100% ready.
  • Don’t put something off because you feel there are people better than you. The only way for you to get better is by getting better!

It’s okay if you’re not perfect. No one is. And chances are, no one cares. No one even notices. If you do things, you’ll get better. And each time, you’ll get better than the last time. So stop chasing perfection. Or you’ll chase it forever and it will hold you back.

Live life. Don’t chase perfection. Or you’ll never be satisfied. Just be better than you were yesterday.

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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