Take Control of Your Life

You are who you surround yourself with.

Today’s tip is to surround yourself with good people that help and support you.

Not every person you meet is going to be a good person. Some people may seem nice and great in the beginning but turn out to be negative / jealous individuals that add stress to your life.

I’ve talked about eliminating the betas from your life at length before. And I really believe you should do this.

  • If people stress you out or make you feel bad – they’re not helping you
  • If people are negative and always complaining – they’re not helping you
  • If people are holding you back from becoming better – they’re not helping you
  • If people are using you and not giving anything back in return – they’re not helping you

You know better than anyone if you have the right people in your life.

Sometimes its hard to cut people off that you’ve known and consider friends or loved ones. But sometimes its the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you have the right people in your life –

  • You’ll be happier
  • You’ll have people that support you
  • You’ll have people to push you to be better
  • You’ll have people that can relate to you and give you their advice and opinions
  • You’ll be more successful

The goal is to be happy. The goal is to be alpha.

Don’t waste your time with sh*tty people. They’re not worth your time. And they’ll just bring you down and hold you back.

Find people that make all parts of┬álife better. If you do, you’ll be better off.

Don’t make the mistake a lot of people make – which is they’re too nice and too afraid of what will happen if they eliminate the betas in their life. Life can only get better.

Do what’s right for you.

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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