Take Control of Your Life

Stop lying to yourself.

Sometimes its hard looking in the mirror and be honest with yourself. But that’s what today’s tip is: Be honest with yourself.

We all want to be perfect. (It’s not possible – be okay with that)

We all want to believe we are perfect. (Not a bad thing)

But what we end up doing sometimes is lie to ourselves. We give ourself false belief and false hope that everything is fine instead of recognizing our shortcomings. And I don’t think this is a good thing.

Rather than lie to yourself, be honest with yourself.

  • If you’re not the smartest. Be honest to yourself. And get smarter.
  • If you’re not that great at something, be okay with that. Recognize it and get better.
  • If you suck at something and you keep doing it. Ask yourself if its worth it. Sometimes it isn’t. But your ego gets in the way.
  • If you hate your job and keep telling yourself it will get better, you’re lying to yourself.
  • If you’re with someone and they treat you like shit and you think these sorts of things happen in every relationship, you’re suffering when you shouldn’t.
  • If you think you can sit around and wait for opportunities instead of going out there and finding them, you’re wasting your life away.
  • If life isn’t going the right way. Recognize it. And make changes.
  • The list goes on and on.

I see it all the time.

People lie to themselves about everything.

  • Their intelligence
  • Their experiences
  • Their jobs
  • Their relationships
  • Their hobbies
  • How they feel
  • How much money they have

But why?

Maybe it’s an ego thing. Maybe it makes them feel better. Maybe it’s to make other feel and view them differently. I have no idea.

But what I do know is that lying to yourself does you no good.

Lying to yourself holds you back. 

Lying to yourself is like making excuses. You end up just wasting time when you could have been living your life the way you really want to.

  • If you’re not happy with how things are going, stop saying it’s okay. Because it’s not. You should be honest with yourself and make improvements.
  • If you don’t like your job and think all jobs are the same. Stop lying to yourself. Stop being lazy. Go find the job you that will make you happier.
  • If you’re upset with your health/diet and think you don’t have time. Stop lying to yourself. If you had time to read this article, you had time to make a salad. You had time to do 50 push-ups.
  • If you say you’re too old to do something. Stop lying to yourself. You can do things until you can’t do things.
  • If you hang out with negative people that bring you down and you think they’re your friends. Stop lying to yourself. There are better people you could surround yourself with.

I am not big on excuses. I’m not big on feeling bad for yourself.

I’m big on taking control of your life.

To take control of your life, you need to be honest with yourself. Figure out what you’re good at and what you enjoy and what you suck at and what you don’t like (about yourself and your life).

Once you’re honest with yourself, you can be free and focus on the right things in life.

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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