Take Control of Your Life

Mental toughness. Do you have it?

Today’s tip is to be mentally tough and having a champion’s mindset.

Don’t let petty things upset you or deter you from your ultimate goals.

Yesterday, we talked about doing the work. And a few days before that we talked about showing up. Today, we’re talking about what it really takes to succeed at anything.

Not everyone wants to be the best. If you’re not one of them, that’s okay. But even if you just want to be better than some people, this article is for you. I want you to get the right mindset so you stay focused and stay hungry as you work towards your goals.

As you know, becoming great at something is not easy. Maybe it’s the idea of learning something new that is difficult. Or learning a new skill. Or maybe there are sacrifices that need to be made or whatever you’re doing is mentally or physically demanding. Whatever it is, if you have a strong mind, you’re more likely to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

The number one thing that you need to remember with the champion’s mindset is to stay hungry and stay focused (ok that’s two things). If you remember what you’re working towards (the ultimate goal) you will see a purpose in everything you do. It will focus you and help you get through all the tough times.

The Champion’s Mentality

  • Stay focused
  • Put in the work
  • Don’t be thinned skin (failures / losing is part of the game)
  • Always work on improving (turn weaknesses into strengths)
  • Remember your goals
  • Stay hungry
  • Keep competing

Things You Should Think About

OUTSIDE NOISE – block it out. People may say stupid things to you. Tell you, you can’t do it…or it’s going to be too hard. They might make fun of you. They might not understand your goals. Let them be. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. You know your goals and you know what you have to do. That’s all that matters.

FAILURES – You are bound to face set backs no matter what. Bad grades, tough times, injuries, losses…understand that failure will happen and accept it. Analyze what went wrong and make improvements so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. THIS IS HOW YOU BECOME A WINNER.

SACRIFICE – Early mornings. Late nights. No more partying. Cutting back on junk food. These are a few of the sacrifices that I’ve had in my own life when I try to accomplish something. And I know others have similar. If you want to live a normal life with normal hours and all the comforts of being average then don’t make any sacrifices. If you want to be better than others, do the things other people aren’t willing to do…and that usually includes making sacrifices.

TAKE CHANCES – Play it safe or win big. Sometimes you have to trust your gut and make decisions that most people wouldn’t make. Maybe that’s something crazy like quitting your job, or changing careers, or finding new mentors. Trust your gut and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and your decisions. You don’t have to go the conventional route in order to be a champion/achieve your goals. (For example, not all billionaires went to Harvard or an Ivy League, but they took their chances and struck it big. You can do the same).

ALWAYS COMPETE – Winning isn’t EVERYTHING, but it is when you want to be the best. No matter what it is you’re doing, I see nothing wrong with being competitive and trying to compete against yourself and against others. Push yourself to be better and you will.

REMEMBER YOUR GOALS – Whenever I’m focused on a goal, I keep it in the back of my mind. I obsess over it. It takes up a lot of my free time (either doing the work or even thinking about what I need to do to improve). I really think this helps you elevate your game (whatever game that may be), when it’s always on your mind. When you keep the goal in the back of your mind, you’ll stop second guessing yourself, the tough times seem worth it, and you’ll work harder.

You Have to Decide

I want you to succeed in life. I don’t know if you’re a student, an adult, an athlete or just someone sitting at home. But each and everyone of us deserves the chance to do something special with our lives. And it all starts with the right mentality.

Be strong…mentally strong.

And never forget to Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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