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We don’t know everything. And we’re not always right. But sometimes its hard to remember that.

Today’s alpha tip is to listen to other people.

There is a lot to be said about listening to other people.

For one, you can learn something. And you can also get someone else’s opinion or point of view. But more importantly, listening makes people feel like you genuinely care about them as a person.

People like to talk. Particularly, they like to talk about things they like, things they know, things that excite them, and things that they are curious about. People like to share and express their opinions. They like to ask questions. They like to complain. They like to ask questions they need answers to.

I want you to start paying particular attention to how much you actually listen to others when they’re talking to you.

  • Do you really listen?
  • Do you cut people off when they’re talking?
  • Do you engage them when they tell stories?
  • Do you ask follow up questions to what people are saying or do you change the discussion to be about you and what you want to talk about?
  • Are you keeping an open mind when someone disagrees with you and expresses their thoughts?


Ask someone how they are doing. And listen to their answer.

  • If they give a detailed answer and ask how you’re doing…answer their question but also skip to the next section. Or…
  • If they give a one word answer…this is a great time to show that you’re listening.

How? See the next section.

The BEST WAY to SHOW You are Listening

  • Ask follow up questions that are specific to what is being talked about.

Most people give short answers and not detailed answers to “How are you doing?”. If you ask a follow up specific to what they’ve answered, they’ll share more and also realize that you actually listened and care.


Anyone can pretend to listen. Anyone can half listen. Anyone can nod and smile.

But if you really listen to people, other’s start to think “you get them” and they feel a stronger connection to you. They view you in a better light. They think of you more highly…because most people don’t listen and pay attention to others (they’re too busy thinking about themselves and their own thoughts).

Not only do you build connections with people by actually listening…but you can also:

  • Learn something / get advice
  • Hear different opinions
  • Hear questions being asked to you
  • Connect with others on a more personal level
  • Show that you’re a leader because you respect other people enough to listen to them

You can easily make yourself stand out by just listening. And this is why you should focus on other’s when they’re talking and listen.

Listening is a game changer. Make sure you do it. Not many people do it. But you should.

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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