Take Control of Your Life

What are you worth? That is the question.

We rarely ask ourselves this question. But for each and every moment of your life, you should know your value.

Today’s ALPHA tip is know your value.

What is your time worth? What is your skill set worth? What is your knowledge worth? What is your network worth?

Never sell yourself short. Never lower your value. 

We all have something to offer. Even if we’re not smart, we still have our time to offer. And that needs to account for something. But essentially, what this article is about is not lowering your value for anyone.

  • If you’re underpaid, you’re not going to be excited about the work you do. You’ll think the work is below you (it probably is). You will not respect the work, the people, or your job.
  • If you are doing things that you believe are a waste of time you’ll be frustrated and annoyed. You’ll start thinking about the things you could be doing with your time that is more productive.
  • If you’re asked to name your price to do something, don’t be modest and lowball yourself. Similar to being underpaid, you’ll feel taken advantage of.
  • If you’ve spent time learning something that very few people can do, don’t just give away your knowledge. What you know is worth something. Don’t think it isn’t.
  • If you’re paying for a service and it’s not living up to expectations, demand a refund or move on. Don’t waste your time. Your time is valuable, so is your hard earned money.
  • If you’re unhappy with people in your life, then maybe you should find some better people to be around. Don’t settle. Don’t lower your standards.


  • Be happy by knowing your value (time, value, people, work)
  • Ask for what you believe you deserve
  • Focus on things that help you (and other people in your life)
  • Realize your time is just as valuable, if not more, than the money you earn


  • Take pay cuts (unless they’re short term and lead to more money)
  • Do things that are “below you”
  • Waste time with people or doing things you hate
  • Value yourself lower than you know you’re worth
  • Believe you can’t do any better
  • Settle for less (lower your standards)

Essentially, you need to know your worth and your value. Your time is limited, don’t do things you don’t enjoy. Don’t be with people you don’t like. Don’t do work you hate. And don’t value yourself less than you know you’re worth. Money is just money but it also helps you live a good life and is a reward for your products and services. Make sure you value your knowledge, experience, technical expertise, and whatever else accordingly.

Above all, your life is priceless (so I hope). We only have one life. Know that each person has something to offer, some more than others. But you personally, I want you to value each and every minute of your life and do things that make you happy and help you achieve your goals.

Never settle. Never lower your standards (at least don’t do this permanently).

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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