Take Control of Your Life

Are you sick of being a beta male and not getting the respect you believe you deserve or maybe you’re frustrated with how your life is turning out? Don’t continue down this dead end road. It’s time to make a change.

It’s Not A Sprint. It’s a Marathon.

Becoming an alpha male is not as easy as just turning on a switch. Alpha males live their life differently than others. This includes not only behaviors and actions but how one thinks. An alpha males world is completely different than a beta males.

If you’re looking to take control of your life and become the man (or woman) you’ve always wanted to be then this game plan is for you.

7 Simple Steps to Start

We’ve created a simple 7 step process to get you started and help you keep going through your journey to being an alpha male.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could be the man you wanted to be. What would you do? How would you feel? What would your alpha male life be like? Being an alpha male is possible, even if you aren’t one today.

It’s Possible

You probably don’t believe being alpha is possible if you’ve been beta your whole life. But I’m here to tell you that it is possible – because I’ve seen the transformations of many beta males that put in the work to change their life. Even I have seen personal changes in my own life from beta to alpha.

If you’re tired of how you feel, the way you think, or what you’re getting out of life, then follow the steps below to reclaim your masculinity and be the man you want to be.

If you’re ready, let’s get start the journey to alpha!

Step 1: Don’t Do It Alone

We all start our journey to alpha from different places.

Some of you don’t need a lot of help to get to where you want to be, but many of you need a lot of help that requires changing how you think and replacing a lot of your beta male behaviors.

On paper this seems easy, just change how you think and how you act! But it’s really not that simple.

Speaking from personal experience, habits are hard to change.

I remember when I was trying to help a helpless beta male change something as simple as how he dressed.

He was a hot mess (fashion wise) but was so comfortable with how he dressed and believed it was “normal” for 27 years of his life that he questioned everything. He fought and struggled with the idea that how he dressed was beta.

How I’ve found ways to get through to beta males  is to find ways to help them see the light. This includes encouragement from myself and their own peers. Sometimes it takes a lot of hand holding.

The above is just a simple example of why change is difficult. There are plenty more stories I could share with you to make this point even more clear but I hope you get the point.

I don’t want you to go through this journey alone.

The best way to go about your journey to alpha is to find a support group that will be there for you.

You need to find people that support the change you want to make in your life because there will be mental and physical struggles along the way and you’ll need someone to pick you up when you want to quit.

The best way to find a support group is to not just choose your friends but people that are going to be there for you as you change.

There is a chance that some of social circle will not understand why you want to change. They like who you are today, even though you may not, so they may try to sabotage your journey to being an alpha male.

I’m not saying you need to go through this journey with other beta males. Just find people that are going to encourage and motivate you, and lend an ear when you need it. Because you will!

The last thing I want is for you to give up if you’re committed to changing your life, so find a support group, even if it’s just one person, to confide in and be there for you.

Step 2: Focus on One Thing at a Time

Everyone has different things they need to work on to become an alpha male. What I recommend you do is figure out why you are who you are and what is holding you back the most. Then focus on fixing that one thing first, before moving on.

  • If you always use the excuse that you’re out of shape and a fat slob, then you should work on your fitness.
  • If you think you dress like a super nice / average looking guy (beta male) and that is why no one gives you the time a day, work on your style
  • If you are really negative and always play the victim card or see the glass half full, work on your mentality
  • If you’re shy and passive and hate that you never speak up, work on being more out going
  • If you always play it safe and never take chances or risks, start exposing yourself to things that make you uncomfortable

I know you might have more than one thing to work on. In fact, it’s very likely there is a lot you need to work on. But instead of throwing everything at you and telling you to fix everything at once, it’s better to knock things out in a systematic order. Otherwise, all this change might be a bit intimidating.

So list out the order of importance on things you want to fix, then use our resources to start becoming alpha.

Step 3: Manage Your Expectations

Remember, the journey to alpha takes time. Don’t expect change to happen overnight.

I can’t make any promises on how long it will take for you to change the way you think, who you are, or the things you do. The only thing I can tell you is if you do the work, you will become the person who you want to be.

Think back on your life when you were a child or even a few years ago trying to learn something new. Maybe you’re thinking about when you were learning algebra or when you were learning how to play basketball.

  • Remember how it wasn’t always so easy?
  • Remember how much time and effort you put in to become better?

The same effort you put in to learn the things you know today, you will need to put in to become alpha.

Sure it will be hard, but imagine what your life will be like once you get past the pain period.

The truth is a lot of beta males are looking for the magic pill.

They expect change to happen very fast. Some guys think that if they read this guide and once in awhile do the things an alpha male does, they will be alpha. Don’t let this be you.

Know from the start what you’re getting into.

You are in for a battle against your own mind to change. Your body and mind will tell you it doesn’t want to change. It wants you to stay a beta male forever because it’s easy. Don’t give up.

Don’t focus on when you will change. It will happen. Just put in the work and enjoy the journey.

Step 4: Find a Role Model

There’s a little secret that no one in the self help world wants to tell you.

They don’t want to tell you this so you keep throwing money at self help programs and books that don’t tell you anything new.

The secret is that there is nothing new under the sun.

Everything about being alpha has already been discovered.

There is no new secret on what an alpha male is. Traits and characteristics of an alpha male are what they have always been.

Rather than trying to discover the next new technique to becoming an alpha male or search for the ideal alpha male, find a role model of someone you want to be like.

  • A role model can be someone you know or someone you don’t know.
  • It can even be a celebrity.
  • Whoever it is, find that person and figure out what it is about them that you want to have.

Find the best in your role model and copy them.

Yes, you can copy someone else. And no, no one will say you’re a copy cat. They’ll be too busy wondering how youre so alpha. Yes, you! Alpha!

There are no rules against copying a role model.

How they talk, how they walk, how they dress, how they look, how they act. It’s all fair game. So find a good role model.

Having a good role model will help you immensely along your journey to being an alpha male. You’ll have a blue print of the person you want to be.

Having a blue print lays out the things you need to fix or become to be the ideal man you want to be.

Step 5: Make It a Habit

I’ve said it a million times. Being alpha isn’t a part time job.

You need to make being an alpha male a habit.

Right now you have beta male tendencies, and you need to replace those with alpha male traits and characteristics.

The best way to replace old habits is to get new ones. But you can’t get new habits if you are only focused on making a change once in awhile.

The truth is, if you don’t put in the time, you’ll revert back to your old self.

Imagine what your life will be like if you spend another 5 to 20 years being the person you are today.

  • Will you be happy?
  • Will you have what you want in life?

You want to make it a habit to being alpha because it will start becoming a part of you when you do. Sure, early on you will need to remind yourself to think and act a certain way. You’ll have to trust that what you are doing will work.

In time, the life of being an alpha male will just be you. It will become normal to have alpha male tendencies. With repetition, it becomes normal. That’s what we are aiming for here.

If there is one thing to take away from this step by step beginners guide to becoming an alpha male it is that you need to make it a habit to do the things an alpha male does.

The key word here is do.

You need to do the things an alpha male does! I can’t emphasize that enough.

I will warn you right now.

  • There will be times you will be uncomfortable.
  • It might be painful to be alpha.
  • Your mind and body might tell you no, don’t do it, stay beta! But fight the urge.

You need to start acting alpha to be alpha.

Step 6: Celebrate The Small Victories

The journey to being an alpha male takes time and a lot of hard work.

Don’t be so hard on yourself as you go through this journey.

The worst thing you can do is be so hard on yourself that you give up.

If you struggle with anything during this journey, just dust off your shoulders and make up for it next time.

Along your journey to being an alpha male you will win some and you will lose some. When you win or accomplish something, celebrate.

  • Remember the feeling you get.
  • Do something special for yourself.
  • You deserve it.

You have to remember, you’re putting in a lot of hard work to make changes to take control of your life.

I know from personal experience this isn’t going to be a journey without its struggles. So reward yourself when you make a breakthrough.

As you go along your journey to alpha, your victories will get bigger and bigger. As this happens your expectations should change. You will expect more of yourself and good things will happen.

I want you to get to the point where good things happen.

When it rains, it pours.

Imagine what life will be like after you put in all the hard work and you are finally reaping the benefits. Life is good, right?

Let’s make sure you get there. Don’t be so hard on yourself if early on. And when you make any break through whatsoever, celebrate it and enjoy the glory.

Remember how awesome you are and keep moving forward.

Step 7: Ask for Help When You Need it

No man aspiring to be better should have to find all the answers on his own. Sure you can, but you can speed up the process if you ask for help.

I recommend you find the right resources when you need them to get you to the next level of being an alpha male.

If you don’t know how to do something or are uncertain if you are doing something right (i.e. body language, vocal tone, eye contact, how you dress…the list goes on and on), then ask someone.

You can always contact us here to ask for help.

We have the comments section, email and perhaps our forum is back up.

We’ve seen just about everything a beta male struggles with as he ventures to be an alpha male, so we can probably help you.

What you shouldn’t be doing is just giving up because you can’t find the right answer. And you definitely should make sure what you are doing is correct.

  • Unfortunately, a lot of beta males are afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.
  • They don’t want to bother people or say hey I’m incompetent.
  • Don’t worry, no one will think this way.

If you are trying tom improve yourself and you need help, people will want to help you. They will not look down on you.

Just remember when you’re asking for help, you’re asking for a hand, not a handout. If you frame it the right way, people will lend you that hand.

Finding the right help is important.

So don’t just ask anyone and don’t listen to everyone’s advice. What I’ve always recommended people do is ask someone that has the experience.

You don’t want to ask someone that just knows the usual answer. You want to ask someone that has been where you are or has the right knowledge to help you. The worse thing that can happen is having the blind lead the blind.

Be careful who you ask for help.

I only say this because all too often, a guy will ask someone for their advice or opinion, and the person giving the answer is actually worse off than the person asking. I don’t want you to get bad advice.

Seek out the right people to help you and they will steer you in the right direction. You want to ensure you limit the detours you have to take on your journey to alpha.

Final Words

This is your journey and your journey alone.

Along the way, you will meet a lot of people. Some will be there to encourage you, some will be there to teach you lessons, and some will be there to help.

If you are starting this journey to being an alpha male or even just trying to improve your life, then I commend you. You are taking on a very tough challenge.

There is no easy way to improving your life. You have to put in the work.

I will warn you now, there will be times when you question why you are doing this. You need to remind yourself what it is you want in life. Only then will you continue to grind it out during the tough times.

Focus on fixing one thing at a time.

Don’t throw yourselves into the wolves all at once. You’ll achieve a lot more this way and it’s less likely you’ll give up.

This all takes time so don’t get hung up on fast results. What you’re doing is investing in yourself so you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

Start now. Taking action is the only way you will make changes.

There’s no point in reading or watching a bunch of videos. Come back when you need answers. But don’t spend your time on the internet. Real change is made in the real world.

It’s my goal that you become the person you want to be. I really hope you make the commitment to taking control of your life.

Be Alpha.


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