Take Control of Your Life

The Life of A Beta Male

Take a moment and look at the image below and see if you have beta male tendencies.

If you do and you are unhappy with who you are. You should take immediate action. I’d honestly start with getting the free ebook we offer – The Essentials of Alpha. Sign up to your right and get instant access.

This is the rest of your life if you are a beta. Don’t let this be you.


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  • John M.

    Whats wrong with being a Beta male? Be yourself you don’t need to please others by changing yourself.

    • shelli

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with beta’s. Some Alpha’s find beta’s like me useful, enjoyable, and friendly, even if I can’t look you in the eye, even if you know I’m submissive, and trying to please you and your friends, just to feel safe in my own community. I know I can’t control everything, and need to have friends who got my back.

  • Jim Muncy

    Damn, this list sounds like my resume.
    My name is Jim, and I’m a Beta male. Yes, it sucks, but it’s all other people’s fault.
    I’m the “nice guy,” who almost always loses, but I have a ton of excuses that at least I believe. Oddly, no one else does. Which, again, is a strike against them.

    I’m a perennial loser at life, but Alpha males sound awful: They are bullies, selfish, rude, greedy, proud, violent.

    Hmmm … I now get it: Both Alphas and Betas suck big-time. Pick your poison. Pain, suffering, and death are the fates of all. “Man never was, but always to be blest” (Alexander Pope).