The first question you have to ask yourself is what is the definition of an Alpha Male?

There are a lot of ways one can go with this answer.

As it is, the idea of what an alpha male is, tends to be some toxic person with no self awareness and misogynistic views. I don’t think this is what we have to accept as being Alpha.

So let’s go with a healthier and true definition of what an alpha male and you can decide if this is what you want to be or not. You don’t even need to call yourself alpha or use this label. And no one needs to know how you think of yourself or who you are. Who you are, how you see yourself, what you call yourself…it’s for you. We aren’t here to seek other’s approvals and let them define who we are.

So obviously you came here because you want to be better than you are. Something is lacking. Only you know what that is.

More to come…

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