Take Control of Your Life


I’ve got some great news for a lot of you that missed out on The Book of Alpha when it was released in 2013. We’re bringing back The Book of Alpha and our goal is to help as many guys as we can reclaim their life! The Book of Alpha is one of the few […] Read more

Calling someone a super beta male is a bit dramatic. Any sort of beta male is bad enough. To be called a super beta male. You might be in some trouble. You might need the help of To Be Alpha. Before we know if you need to overhaul your life, let’s just make sure you’re […] Read more

Are you sick of being a beta male and not getting the respect you believe you deserve or maybe you’re frustrated with how your life is turning out? Don’t continue down this dead end road. It’s time to make a change. It’s Not A Sprint. It’s a Marathon. Becoming an alpha male is not as […] Read more

Don’t Be A Coward

Just a quick tip for you guys. Don’t be a coward your whole life. Don’t take the life is unfair approach. Don’t get the victim mentality. Instead, take control of your life and be a man. You can be who you want to be if you have the right mentality and you take action. It’s […] Read more

Being a beta male is a terrible way to live your life. I know this from experience. After you know the difference between a beta male and an alpha male, they are very easy to spot. We’re all about helping here. But we only help when someone wants the help. We don’t go out of […] Read more

It All Starts With One Step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese philosopher Laozi Becoming an alpha male is not always going to be easy. You can read everyone on the To Be Alpha website and gain more knowledge, but it won’t make you an alpha male. The only way you can become alpha is by doing. […] Read more

The Return of Alpha

We are making a come back. After about 5 months offline to work on some other projects we are back!! I’m really excited about the possibilities we have lined up for the site. We helped a lot of men (and women) while we were live in 2013. Lots of you guys have emailed asking where […] Read more