To Be Alpha

Take Control of Your Life

We don’t know everything. And we’re not always right. But sometimes its hard to remember that. Today’s alpha tip is to listen to other people. There is a lot to be said about listening to other people. For one, you can learn something. And you can also get someone else’s opinion or point of view. […] Read more

Mental toughness. Do you have it? Today’s tip is to be mentally tough and having a champion’s mindset. Don’t let petty things upset you or deter you from your ultimate goals. Yesterday, we talked about doing the work. And a few days before that we talked about showing up. Today, we’re talking about what it really […] Read more

Stop lying to yourself. Sometimes its hard looking in the mirror and be honest with yourself. But that’s what today’s tip is: Be honest with yourself. We all want to be perfect. (It’s not possible – be okay with that) We all want to believe we are perfect. (Not a bad thing) But what we end […] Read more

One of the biggest reasons people don’t do things is because they don’t feel prepared. They want to make sure everything is in place for them to succeed. I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it. And I’ve seen it all too often. We didn’t do something because we didn’t think we were ready. Today’s tip […] Read more