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The Myth of the Alpha Male

Guys that want to be alpha come up with some crazy ideas of what an alpha male is. Hopefully you’re not one of them. But if you are, I want to help you understand the difference between what an alpha male is and what many guys think an alpha male is. The problem is you […] Read more

Alpha Male Voice Tone

Your voice is what people hear when you speak. It’s not the words you say. It’s how you say it. If you speak softly, you might be ignored. If you speak loudly, you may be heard. There are voice tones for different situations, different modes, different purposes. We’re going to break down the different voice […] Read more

Guys, I haven’t put up the link to either Game Simplified or The Book of Alpha yet. The reason is because I’m busy putting up some other content such as Alpha Male Body Language. And I don’t want to just put up some page that tries to sell you on a book. That’s not my […] Read more

Alphas and Aspiring Alphas, I’m glad you guys are finding your way to the site. For those that are new, the site was up for 7 or 8 months last year until I shut it down. It was a very popular place. I know the site is lacking a lot right now and some info […] Read more

Leadership Traits

What makes a great leader? There is a big misconception of what it takes to be an effective leader. Here we break it all down so that you can be the guy that everyone turns to when they need direction, answers, and help. Ultimately, the goal is to make you a leader. There’s a great […] Read more