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I am sad to realize I haven’t updated this website since February 2017. That is two years ago. We had so much momentum and were reaching a lot of people and helping people. My goals and focus have changed a bit. I think I’m more mature now and I can help more people a little […] Read more


Wow, the last post was in December of 2015? 10 months have passed by. I apologize. I’ve been busy starting up another business which has been very successful and taken a lot of my time. In addition to just living life and spending it with people I care about. But To Be Alpha has been […] Read more

On the horizon

Two new diagrams on personal space and body language. An article on how and where you sit matters. An article on How to Play the game (what does this even mean??) Podcast recordings will start soon. THE SUMMER OF ALPHA is coming.. Stay tuned. Get our FREE ebook. 19 Steps to Being Alpha […] Read more

The Results are IN

From the thousands of people that were emailed our survey, about 45% responded – which isn’t great but it’s also not bad. Sorry for spamming you all. The reason for the survey this past week was to find out what our traffic really wants To Be Alpha to focus on. And your voice has been […] Read more

These helpful hints are for EVERYONE. Our original article on “How To Be Cool In College” has received a lot of attention and because of that, I want to give you five simple tips on ways to be cool in college. Very simply, being cool in college will probably make or break your college life. […] Read more

A little excerpt that I recently saw. You can substitute “Professional athletes” for pretty much any type of person that people look up to. The saying is for almost everything in life. Once you read it, you will realize why so many people in this world are average. Professional athletes are our culture’s holy men: […] Read more

Do Yourself a FAVOR

If you like what you have read and want more alpha in your life – subscribe to our email list by getting the The Essentials to Being Alpha – click on the image. Also like us on Facebook and feel free to follow us on twitter @tobealpha_male The To Be Alpha forum is going to […] Read more


Hey all, Apologies for the lack of new updates. It’s been a hectic month. There are a bunch of articles I have ready to be published but I don’t know if they are strong enough or have enough detail yet. Tomorrow we should have a new one and hopefully two more this week. But what […] Read more

Where the HELL is my EBOOK?

As many of you know, this book is sent out by me personally. Today, I decided to include my email on the distribution list to see if it comes in my inbox, spam box or some other category Gmail offers. To my surprise it didn’t come at all! I’ve been using a different email service […] Read more

A Few Quick Reminders

It’s a holiday weekend here in the states so I’m out of the city right now but have spent some time talking to people just to meet some new people and I have some really good takeaways that I want to share from some of my own experiences and from what other’s have told me. […] Read more

It’s almost time…

We’ve got some crazy email sign-ups for The Essentials to Being Alpha – the FREE ebook being sent out. Now I know, some of you guys are asking, “where the hell is my book??” Well, we had to pull it from being sent out. What started out as a 4 simple step way to become […] Read more

I know time flies when you’re having fun. But does it also fly when you’re getting older?? I can’t believe it’s almost August already. I was actually going to write an article but instead I want to check talk to you guys about a few things and tell you what we got coming up through […] Read more