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Alpha Male Voice Tone

Your voice is what people hear when you speak.

It’s not the words you say. It’s how you say it.

If you speak softly, you might be ignored. If you speak loudly, you may be heard.

There are voice tones for different situations, different modes, different purposes.

We’re going to break down the different voice tones for you and tell you what alpha male voice tone works best when you want to be heard and be respected.


What Is Voice Tone

Voice tone is all about how you say something.

You must consider the loudness at which you speak, the speed of how fast you speak, and the tone you use.

The style in which you talk is called your linguistic style. The Harvard Business Review discusses the idea of who gets heard and why in a great article about linguistic style.

Tone: A musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength

Your voice tone sets the mood for what you are saying. You can come off as confident like an alpha male or nervous like a beta male.

Voice tone has the ability to do the following:

  • Show you feel about yourself – confidence, shy, nervous, quiet, passive, unsure, sexy, playful, nice..
  • Give people the ability to stereotype you as alpha or beta
  • Can make you seem very attractive or very unattractive to others
  • Done right can make people give you a lot of respect

Understanding How People Communicate

People communicate with each other all day long. Either verbally or silently.

Have you ever stopped to see people communicate? They can do it with body language or they can do it with speaking.

  • A simple smile. A small nod of the head.
  • A hello. A long discussion.
  • A boisterous laugh.
  • Sharing stories. Asking questions.

People are communicating all day long.

But they aren’t just talking. They are doing a song and dance. People are literally singing and dancing to each other.

People talk in different tones. They are using their hands and face and maybe even their body to express themselves as they talk.

Everyone’s tone communicates and creates a different emotion to people that listen.

By communicating this way, people stay interested and engaged. People listen and interact.

Why You Should Care About Voice Tones

Being an alpha male requires you to think not only about what you say, but how you say it.

Voice tone matters!

Believe me when I say this.

You could be the baddest motherf*cker but if you don’t have a good voice tone, none of that matters.

Think about it for a moment. Imagine you’re a real badass. You have that swagger and style. You have everything together.

And then you speak. And you have a high pitched voice. Or even worse, you have a very quiet voice.

Do you think anyone is going to listen to you?

Maybe. But they may not be engaged. They might not care. You aren’t able to command their attention.

Voice tone does exactly what it says it does. It sets the tone. It can convey strength, confidence, and command respect.

Not all voice tones are the same. You should educate yourself on the different types of voice tones so you know which to use and when.

What Makes an Alpha Voice Tone

An alpha voice tone has very simple characteristics.

  • Deep voice tone
  • Talk slowly
  • Be Direct
  • Annunciate

The problem many men have with their voice tone is that they talk quickly. And they don’t have a very deep voice.

The good thing for you is that you are educating yourself on alpha male voice tone so you can separate yourself from the masses.

Most men do not ask themselves “Do I have a deep voice?” or “Was I direct?” or “Did I talk slowly or quickly?”

People are oblivious to what can make them command more respect or be more attractive to the opposite sex. They just go about their day like how they talk, is how they have to talk.

Lucky for you, you are educating yourself on voice tones. You’ll be able to adjust for the right situations.

Alpha Male Voice Tone Consequences

Reap the benefits of having an alpha male voice tone.

Having an alpha male voice tone is not only good for the corporate world.

Although it doesn’t hurt. Having strong commanding voice will make people listen. They will pay attention. They will see you as a leader.

I’ve worked a number of group settings. Corporate settings and also in school, during my time in a fraternity and in social circles. The one with the strongest voice gets heard.

But it works in other settings too. There have been plenty of times a deep voice has worked to its advantages with women. Numerous times I have heard “your voice is so sexy” or “a deep voice is so hot.” It’s not just me. It can be you.

Your life becomes better when you understand voice tones.

The Types of Voice Tones

There are 5 types of voice tones I want to introduce you to today.

  • Alpha Tone
  • Playful tone
  • Performance / Stage Voice
  • Effeminate tone
  • Seductive Tone

Alpha Tone 

The alpha voice tone is the manliest of them all.

  • This tone is low pitched
  • It’s deep (manly)
  • Fairly loud like you are projecting your voice for everyone to hear
  • Commanding and direct when you are speaking and talking to people
  • Speak slowly and pause in between sentences. This causes suspense and makes people think what you are saying is really important. It will keep them more interested and focused on what you are saying.

When to use the alpha tone: 

The alpha voice tone can be used on almost all occasions. If you are in the corporate world (have a job) use it when you speak to others – you will get more respect. Use it when you tell stories. And use it when you are talking to women. Use it when you want something.

Playful Tone

The playful tone is somewhat childish.

  • Your voice tone fluctuates up and down (high and low) – like a kid talking
  • Imagine you’re talking to a little kid
  • Can have accents and funny voices
  • Mimic others when they say something funny

When to use the playful tone:

Anytime you want to be foolish is a good time for the playful tone. This shows you are fun, down to heart, light hearted. With a playful tone you can be flirty, tease others, be indirect and immature. Enjoy the playful tone but don’t abuse it! 

Too much playful tone could become annoying.

Performance / Stage Voice

A stage voice is all about talking in loud environments or in a big space. Imagine making a speech in an auditorium and you need the people in the back of the room to hear you.

You need to make your voice louder than usual – project louder than normal

Maintain the alpha tone (manly)

This is not yelling. It is making your voice heard in a larger surrounding area or over a noisy space. It is not the easiest to understand or start doing.

When to you the stage voice:

Use this voice tone in loud spaces (clubs, bars, parties). When you need to talk over someone you should use this tone. When you are making a speech or talking to multiple people in a room.

Effeminate tone

This is a tone you use when you want to act like “one of the girls.” It can help make people laugh or you can connect and win over a peer group of girls if you use it (not always).

It’s used to show your playful side and perhaps your feminine side.

This adds to your personality.

It consist of

  • Talking like one of the girls
  • Higher voice tone
  • Exaggerated words

When to use the effeminate tone:

Only use this when its a playful setting – usually a group of girls.  It’s not a good idea to use it in a professional setting or around other men as you might not be seen as dominant or as alpha.

Seductive Tone

This tone is used to set the mood. Its exactly what its titled – seductive, sensual and sexual.

It creates a certain sexual vibe.

Low in volume

Soft – maybe even at whisper level

Slow talking – dragging out words

Involves seductive eye contact

When to use the seductive tone:

If you want to create sexual tension. It can be used before you get to the bedroom. Whenever you are being physical it can be used. This is good anytime you are in a flirty mood and want to get into a sexual state. 

If you use it and you get a bad reaction then scale it back. It might not be the right time to use.

Voice Tones Are Your Friend

Learn how to use all 5 types of voice tones for different situations. You will win people over and everyone will look at you in awe at your ability to connect with others.


Be Alpha.

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